Vicki Escarra

Senior Advisor, The Boston Consulting Group
Director, Center for Higher Ambition Leadership
Chicago, Illinois

“Changing trajectory can be a scary thing. It’s a real leap of faith. But for me the transition changed my life forever – and I’m forever grateful for it. Luckily, this transition doesn’t have to be done alone. Participating in LSI will not only inspire your confidence and courage for what comes next, but also offer the tools and relationships necessary to pivot to the social sector. This year can transform your life, and I hope folks will find joy in taking this leap.”

A seasoned CEO and CMO, Vicki Escarra has extensive experience leading organizations through transformational change and reorganization for future growth and value creation. She works with senior teams to develop behaviors necessary for future business with accountability measurements. She has advised and coached executives and high-ranking officials across several industries and sectors both internationally and domestically. She focuses with leaders on defining the business imperatives, behavior modifications, team dynamics, and individual results necessary for success. Her passion is developing leadership behavior that not only drives for improved profitability but also personal satisfaction, assisting leaders to reach their full potential.

Vicki previously ran the majority of global operations for Delta Airlines, leading major restructuring projects that achieved over $350mil in cost reductions. As Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, she oversaw the reengineering and redesign of Delta’s footprint, which included fleet planning, revenue management, pricing, sales, and marketing. This resulted in increased revenue and the reorganization and transformation of international business.

Vicki also led extensive reorganization and rebranding efforts of the nation’s premier food bank/pantry network not-for-profit, from America’s Second Harvest to Feeding America. She was able to increase donations by 300% and doubled the population served, establishing it as the 3rd largest not-for-profit in the nation. Through partnerships with companies like Walmart and General Mills she quadruped revenue and helped to grow Feeding America to a $1.2B organization—making it America’s largest domestic hunger relief organization at the time.

As a Senior Advisor to BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Vicki is involved in BCGs global Consumer Practice, Travel & Tourism, and is a leading member of BCG’s People and Organization Practice. She advises BCG and their clients on strategy, innovation and growth, transformation, and agile principles to develop new ways of working.

Vicki’s board directorships include A.G. Edwards, HealthNet, Centene, and DocuSign, along with many nonprofit boards. She has received numerous awards including the Four Freedoms Award from the Roosevelt Institute, which honors people who embody Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vision for democracy in their life and work. She is regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, and other media.

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