Aspen LSI Partnership

Aspen Institute to Partner with UChicago in Activating Experienced Leaders for Society

The Aspen Institute, a global nonprofit organization committed to realizing a free, just, and equitable society, is joining the Leadership & Society Initiative (LSI) as a partner.

LSI is a new, yearlong fellowship at the University of Chicago to support experienced leaders in transitioning from their longstanding careers toward meaningful next chapters – for themselves and the world around them. The Aspen Institute will host an executive leadership seminar during the LSI year to support fellows in discerning their purpose and activating their leadership for society.

“The University of Chicago and the Aspen Institute are both committed to deeply questioning assumptions and to harnessing the power of transformative education to build a better world,” said Paul Alivisatos, President of the University of Chicago. “Through LSI, we look forward to partnering with Aspen to develop a powerful new community of leaders for society.”

“The Aspen Institute could not be more excited about our new partnership with the University of Chicago’s Leadership and Society Initiative,” said Dan Porterfield, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute. “This collaboration connects and draws upon our two institutions’ shared commitment to values-based leadership development in pursuit of a better world, and has the potential for significant impact for individuals, organizations, and society.”

The Aspen Institute’s role draws on its longstanding leadership seminars, which engage executives in challenging conversations about enduring questions of ethical and effective leadership, and positions them for navigating ambiguity, complexity, and change.

“The Aspen Institute has more than 70 years of experience helping leaders to deepen their understanding of the world and to discern their role in positively contributing to society,” said Diana Petty, Director of the Leadership & Society Initiative. “As we embark on LSI, we could not imagine a better partner in empowering our fellows to reflect on their lives and to envision ambitious futures.”

LSI is designed for accomplished executives who are nearing or in retirement from their primary careers and who are seeking to launch purposeful next acts addressing social issues that matter to them. Cohort members will begin by reflecting on their life’s journey, values, and passions; then, they will explore urgent societal challenges with a focus on topics that align with their values. LSI will culminate with each cohort member presenting a purpose plan that lays out their vision for a fulfilling next chapter and the legacy they will build.

Individuals seeking to be considered for the inaugural LSI cohort during the 2023-2024 academic year are encouraged to submit their resumes or professional biographies by March 1.

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