Shannon Morrissey

Assistant Director for Curriculum, Leadership & Society Initiative   

Shannon Morrissey (she/her) is the Assistant Director for Curriculum for the University of Chicago Leadership and Society Initiative. In this role, Shannon supports LSI by overseeing curriculum development and the experiential learning components that help fellows apply their skills and contribute to positive social change. You can contact Shannon at

Shannon has always had a passion for work that bridges the gap between theory and praxis. Prior to joining LSI, Shannon worked with the Chicago Studies program, helping students apply their classroom learning to think critically about issues facing the City of Chicago. She also served as a program director for a national service-learning nonprofit and worked as a strategy and research consultant for mission-driven organizations. Shannon holds a BA in Sociology from Whitman College and an MA in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago where she has also done advanced graduate work in Sociology.

Shannon is a proud Minnesotan who likes to spend her free time playing board games with family and friends, baking sweet treats, and swimming at Promontory Point.

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