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LSI Featured in Wall Street Journal, Atlantic, and Beyond

In the months since the University of Chicago announced its Leadership & Society Initiative (LSI), LSI has been featured across a wide array of media, including the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and Forbes. Below, we highlight key ideas from each of these articles.

The Atlantic

In this piece, Atlantic contributing writer David Brooks explores “what a new life stage can teach the rest of us about how to find meaning and purpose—before it’s too late.” Brooks, who is a senior advisor and fellow of UChicago LSI, looks at how programs like LSI are enabling new chapters of purpose and then he explores how we might democratize the movement. The article includes insights from UChicago professor and LSI faculty member Harry Davis on how his coursework helps individuals to “identify their core self, their visible self, and their best self.”

The Wall Street Journal

In this piece, Wall Street Journal reporter Anne Tergesen explores how and why “[c]olleges are creating new programs for older adults who are contemplating what to do next as they near the end of their careers.” The article follows the story of a candidate for LSI’s inaugural cohort and examines how the University of Chicago’s program will harness executive coaches and mentors alongside faculty to help fellows in preparing their purpose plans.


In this piece, Forbes contributor Avivah Wittenberg-Cox offers insight into the distinctive nature of midlife transition programs, referencing the University of Chicago’s Leadership & Society Initiative as the “gold standard.” Quoting David Axelrod, the former Director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, the article explores how LSI fellows will be “intellectually stimulated in ways you can’t imagine… [and learn] how to deal with some of the most pressing problems of our time.”


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