Kathleen Cox

Kathleen Cox

Former CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting & Former Executive Director, Washington National Cathedral

Kathleen Cox has worked as a change agent in corporate, quasi- governmental, religious, and non-profit organizations and most recently served as Executive Director and COO of the Washington National Cathedral where she led the organization through a strategic restructuring which was informed by the global recession and a damaging earthquake in 2011 and included initiatives that would encourage collective action by faith groups to advance the common good.

Before that, Kathleen was the CEO at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). During her eight years there, she worked in a variety of roles with the industry to adapt to the fast-changing worlds of media and technology, including iden tifying industry-wide challenges and potential; providing national leadership to the 1000 public broadcasting radio and television stations to improve financial footing and the provision of community-based programs; and disseminating to Congress and other stakeholders the compelling case for public broadcasting.

Prior to CPB, Kathleen spent nine years as Intellectual Property Counsel at Bell Atlantic (now Verizon), where she created an Intellectual Property Group with responsibility for all trademark, copyright, and patent matters. Kathleen arrived at Bell Atlantic after spending six years as a litigation associate. She began her career path as an emergency room nurse, a job that requires excellent communication and quick decision-making skills that have served her well in all her positions.

Kathleen is a lifelong learner. In 2020, she completed a Masters in Emergency and Disaster Management at Georgetown University. Kathleen obtained her BS in Nursing at the University of Virginia, her Juris Doctor at the University of Chicago, a Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown and a variety of Certificates from Harvard’s Kennedy and Business Schools. Kathleen is currently a Senior Fellow in Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative focusing her efforts on humanitarian crises and the protection of children. from Indiana University.

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