LSI has a two part mission

To empower individuals to live more meaningful, connected, and fulfilling lives.

To help society by equipping these individuals with new knowledge, connections, and strategies to drive significant, positive impact for society.

Our Values

Free Expression

The University of Chicago is known for its staunch commitment to free expression. In that tradition, LSI promotes vigorous open exchange, encourages unconventional thinking, and leans into hard questions. We believe intellectual freedom and dialogue, in an environment of mutual respect, foster original thinking.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

The University’s culture of rigorous inquiry depends on an abundance of diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas. But diversity alone is not enough. That’s why we are dedicated to creating spaces where people of all backgrounds feel respected and valued and where their ideas and contributions flourish.

Inquiry to Impact

The University’s founding commitment to grow knowledge in the service of humanity is the backbone of all that we do at LSI. We value the process of deep reflection and exploration and are committed to translating that inquiry into tangible impact that serves the world around us.

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