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Why did you launch the Leadership & Society Initiative Fellowship?

As longevity increases, we believe there is an unprecedented opportunity to support leaders in contributing to society later in life. We strive to help individuals who have already made a mark through distinguished careers and lives to harness the power of their next chapters to build a meaningful legacy. Learn more about the Fellowship.

Who is eligible for the LSI Fellowship?

The LSI Fellowship is designed for individuals who are looking toward or have already begun a transition into a next act of purpose following an accomplished career. These individuals have achieved distinction in their field, have demonstrated interest in addressing important societal issues, and possess an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, open exchange, and the discovery of new knowledge and perspectives. Learn more about eligibility.

Can LSI Fellows participate in the program with their partners?

Yes. We know that many LSI Fellows will seek to design their next act jointly with their partner. We therefore invite partners to join Fellows in the LSI experience. Accompanying partners have access to all elements of LSI with the exception of the Executive Coach and Distinguished Mentor. (Note: There is a partial fellowship tuition to cover the cost of partner participation, as described below.)

When does the LSI Fellowship take place?

The LSI Fellowship takes place over three quarters (Autumn, Winter, Spring) of the University of Chicago’s academic year, from late September through early June. We are currently accepting applications for candidates who seek to serve as LSI Fellows during the 2024-2025 academic year.

What are the program fees for the LSI Fellowship?

The LSI Fellowship has an annual fee that is consistent with the cost of a year of study at the University of Chicago. In 2023-2024, that will be $75,000.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. The LSI Fellowship is designed for distinguished leaders of all backgrounds, including individuals from around the world and individuals whose careers have been in the private, social, and public sectors. We offer financial assistance to ensure the Fellowship is accessible to all interested individuals who meet the LSI Selection Criteria.

Are LSI Fellows expected to be in residence?

The program is structured as a three-quarter residency, with courses, programming, and activities generally held from Monday to Wednesday. All programming will take place in person. Our aim is to ensure a meaningful, in-person experience where Fellows will have the chance to create deep bonds with their cohort and truly delve into the lifestyle of returning back to school. Our concentrated Monday to Wendesday schedule allows flexibility for Fellows who have work, family, or travel obligations elsewhere.

Are LSI Fellows supported in finding housing?

Yes. The procurement and cost of housing is the responsibility of Fellows, but we are here to help. Admitted Fellows will receive guidance on places in Hyde Park and in downtown Chicago where 9-12 month leases are available.

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