Democracy in the Age of Distrust & Disinformation

Tuesday, October 24-25 at the University of Chicago’s David Rubenstein Forum

LSI Immersion Days offer a two-day deep dive into a single societal issue, bringing together a select group of leading experts, researchers, and practitioners around the forces and patterns that brought us to current conditions, as well as the emergent interventions driving positive change for the future. This two-day symposium seeks to shed light on the pressing challenges that modern democratic nations face due to the rise of disinformation, political polarization, and distrust in media. With an aim to promote informed civic action, this event will delve into crucial topics that directly impact the health and vitality of democratic societies. 

The event will take place at the University of Chicago’s David Rubenstein Forum on Tuesday, October 24 from 8am-7pm and Wednesday, October 25 from 8am-12pm. Attendance for this event is limited to LSI Fellows, event speakers, leaders in the field, and collaborating faculty from the University to create space for rigorous and meaningful dialogue around the challenges and opportunities of safeguarding citizen engagement and bolstering democratic societies.

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