The Leadership & Society Initiative Fellowship is designed for distinguished leaders seeking to reflect, recharge, and reimagine in the University of Chicago’s distinctive environment of inquiry and impact.

Selection Process

Becoming a Fellow of the Leadership & Society Initiative involves a highly-selective, three-step application process:

Step 1: Submit Your Resume or Professional Biography
The first step to be considered for the LSI Fellowship is to submit your résumé or professional biography for consideration by the LSI Selection Committee. The Committee vets all submissions to ensure candidates’ meet the selection criteria. You can begin this process by filling out the form below.

Step 2: Complete a Full Application   
Candidates selected by the Committee are asked to submit a full application, including a personal statement and the listing of two references who can attest to the candidate’s fitness for the fellowship experience.

Step 3: Participate in an Interview
Individuals with successful applications are invited to present their candidacies through an interactive interview. Candidates will be asked how they plan to use their fellowship year toward self and societal discovery, as well as how they will contribute their unique talents to advance the cohort community.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible for LSI, leaders need to demonstrate:

  • At least two decades of senior-level leadership experience
  • A track record of significant professional accomplishment
  • A willingness to engage in deep, rigorous, and respectful open exchange with those who have differing perspectives
  • A proven commitment to addressing important societal issues, as illustrated through one’s career or through volunteer leadership
  • A compelling vision for how participation in LSI will support a meaningful and impactful next chapter for oneself and for society

Selection Timeline

We are currently inviting submission of candidacies (step 1) for our 2024-2025 cohort. We encourage you to submit your candidacy below by December 1, 2023 to be considered in our early admission round.

Begin Your Candidacy

To begin the process of consideration for the Leadership & Society Initiative, we invite you to submit your resume and/or biography


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