LSI is inspired by two phenomena

The first is that people are living longer. With this new longevity, many approaching retirement age are looking ahead to decades of health and wellness and are seeking to contribute to society in new ways.

Second, society is more globally interdependent than ever before, creating increasingly complex challenges that require broader and deeper leadership to facilitate effective solutions.

LSI bridges these phenomena by tapping into the talents of accomplished executives to help address pressing societal needs.

Experience Matters

Your life experience is an invaluable resource that can benefit the world.

Our eminent faculty and advisors are here to help you define and activate your experience in the service of society. This may be an expansion or enhancement of mission-driven work you’ve already begun, or a foray into entirely new realms. Whatever your path, LSI is here to support your exploration alongside some of the world’s foremost leaders.

Recharge in one of the most intellectually stimulating environments on earth.

Give yourself the dedicated space and the time to truly explore what you’d like your next chapter to look like. LSI provides the framework, support, and community you need to chart a meaningful new course and see it come to life.

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