A year of inquiry and impact


The program is structured as an academic year residency with the core curriculum and activities being held from Monday through Wednesday. For those who seek the freedom to travel during the academic year, this schedule is set up to enable flexibility for Fellows.


LSI takes place across three 10-week quarters from late September to early June. For the inaugural cohort (2023-2024), the schedule is as follows:

– 9 hours per week of classroom time (core plus electives)

– 4 to 5 hours per week of experiential learning (workshops, site visits)

– 2 to 3 hours per week of community time (social gatherings)


We know that many LSI Fellows will seek to design their next act jointly with their partner. We therefore invite partners to join Fellows in the LSI experience. Accompanying partners have access to all elements of LSI with the exception of the Executive Coach and Distinguished Mentor. (Note: There is a partial fellowship tuition to cover the cost of partner participation.)


After your year with LSI, you will have a roadmap with clearly defined next steps as well as strategies and connections for launching your next endeavor. What type of roles will LSI prepare you for? We anticipate Fellows will pursue a blend of roles across board service, advising, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, organizing, and service on the issue(s) that matter most to them. We will not prescribe your approach to impacting society. We give you the space and frameworks to explore. You define what your impact will look like.

Become a Fellow for Good

Participants in LSI are lifelong Fellows of the initiative—meaning, they continue to be invited back annually as alumni of the program.

The lifelong Fellow experience includes:

  • An opportunity to join alumni interest groups for continued collaboration
  • Access to career resources and supports after your Fellowship year
  • Recurring engagement with the current cohort and UChicago community, including serving as mentors
  • An invitation to join the Fellows’ annual presentation of Purpose Plans
  • Alumni travel study and deep dive opportunities

(Note: Select alumni activities such as the travel study may incur additional fees.)

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